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Anne-Happy Poster
A group of pitiable girls live their days with energy and cheer in this encouraging school comedy. All the students of Tennogofune Academy's Class 1-7 seem to be plagued by "bad karma," or misfortune. Hanakoizumi An the unlucky, Hibarigaoka Ruri of the tragic love stories, Kumegawa Botan with her perpetually poor health, Hagyuu Hibiki with her bad sense of direction, and Ekoda Ren with constant women troubles have just joined the class, and they're all doing their best to live their high school lives as happily as they can...
Alias: Unhappy♪
Genres/Tags: Comedy, Based On A Manga, School Life
Status: Completed
Episodes: 12
Year: 2016
91 Days Dubbed
91 Days Dubbed
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