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Armed Librarians - The Book of Bantorra Poster
Armed Librarians - The Book of Bantorra
In a land where the souls of humans fossilize to become books, a group known as the Armed Librarians strive to maintain and protect the tomes stored within the Bantorra Library. Meanwhile the Shindeki church is transforming people into living weapons. These human bombs are known simply as ‘Meat’, and they have been programmed to carry out a single action: to kill Hamyuts Meseta, the Armed Librarians’ director. Now, alongside the threat of Dragon Pneumonia, the Librarians use their powerful and unique psychic abilities to stop the Shindeki Church at all costs. But when one of their colleagues betrays them and steals one of the seven war machines of the past, the Librarians must work even harder to prevent their enemies’ nefarious plans from coming to fruition.
Alias: Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra, Fighting Librarians
Genres/Tags: Action, Fantasy, Based On A Light Novel, Psychic Powers, Superpowers, Violence
Status: Completed
Episodes: 27
Year: 2009-2010
Ongoing anime: