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Beelzebub Poster
Ishiyama High is home to a whole host of delinquents, including Oga, a legendary badass who's downright devilish. One day Oga finds a man floating down a river, after which the man splits open to reveal a baby inside – but it’s no ordinary baby! The cute tot is actually Beelzebub, the future king of the demons! And as Oga is as mean as they come, Beelzebub latches on to its newfound 'father', much to the other demons' dismay. Now, in addition to battling rival gangs and becoming the strongest delinquent around, Oga must buy diapers, comfort and carry around an annoying baby who's more of a devil than he is!
Alias: ?
Genres/Tags: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Childcare, Delinquents, Demons, Master-servant Relationship, Superpowers
Status: Completed
Episodes: 60
Year: 2011-2012
Clannad After Story Dubbed
Clannad After Story Dubbed
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