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In the present day, terrorism is on the rise and the Ua Virus – a biological agent with a 100% kill rate – has been unleashed into the populace. In Shanghai, Canaan is a near-unstoppable soldier who roams the streets, always in the path of a bullet. She is a Synesthetist – a person able to use all five senses at once – who harbors a burning desire for revenge and has a past shrouded in mystery. While the Ua Virus infects more people in the city, others cross paths with Canaan including Minoru, a freelance journalist; Maria, Canaan’s close friend who was infected with the Ua Virus and lost her memory of the incident; and The Snakes, a shady and violent group with mysterious motives. Danger lies at every turn for Canaan and ultimately the rest of mankind…
Alias: ?
Genres/Tags: Action, Mystery, Based On A Visual Novel, Gunfights, Revenge, Terrorism, Violence
Status: Completed
Episodes: 13
Year: 2009
Phi-Brain - The Puzzle of God 2 Dubbed
Phi-Brain - The Puzzle of God 2 Dubbed
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