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Durarara X2 The Second Arc Dubbed Poster
Durarara X2 The Second Arc Dubbed
Ikebukuro, a city teeming with the most peculiar characters and the twisted schemes they indulge in—. In the aftermath of the assault against the information broker, signs of new disorder begin to develop like ripples across the water. Holding his own ideals, the young man who gains the powers of both the “Dollars” and the “Blue Squares” treads the path to total annihilation. Someone struggles to save their best friend while a psychopath creeps up on a popular idol. Slowly but surely a new threat gains power within the city’s shadows…
Alias: Durarara!!x2 Ten Dubbed, Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc Dubbed
Genres/Tags: Action, Comedy, Social Media, Supernatural, Violence
Status: Completed
Episodes: 12
Year: 2015
Gunslinger Stratos The Animation
Gunslinger Stratos The Animation
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