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High School Star Musical 2 Poster
High School Star Musical 2
Yuuta Hoshitani, who enrolled in the prestigious Ayanagi Academy for music entertainment, passed the first-year test to become a musical department student in his second year. However, the new school year immediately presents new trials for the returning students. The first task on the second-year curriculum is supporting the graduation stage performance of Outori and the other graduating Kao Council members. There are five roles known as "second-year training roles" in the legendary musical Shadow & Lights. Every year, a team of only five second-year students get to step on stage as performers in the musical. To earn a ticket to glory, Hoshitani and 24 other new musical department students take on the training auditions.
Alias: Koukou Hoshi Kageki 2, STARMYU 2
Genres/Tags: Music, Music School, Original Work, School Life
Status: Completed
Episodes: 12
Year: 2017
Darker Than Black
Darker Than Black
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