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Ninja Girl and Samurai Master
The year is 1555, the middle of the Warring States period, and one young man holds on to a very big dream. That young man, known as an empty-headed fool, is none other than Oda Nobunaga. Enchanted by his dream, a certain young girl who admires Nobunaga swears that she will become his ninja one day. Nobunaga has one goal: to unify Japan by military might! Decorated by a colorful cast of characters, including the airheaded Kichou, the errand boy Hideyoshi, the tsundere Nene, the straight man Mitsuhide, and the half-dead Hanbei, this heavy-hitting wartime gag anime is about to begin!!
Alias: Nobunaga no Shinobi
Genres: Comedy, Seinen, Based On A Manga, Chibi, Feudal Japan, Historical, Ninja
Status: Ongoing
Episodes: ?
Year: 2016-?
Koro Sensei Quest
Koro Sensei Quest
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