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Sagrada Reset Poster
Sagrada Reset
Almost half the population of the town of Sakurada possess special abilities. Misora Haruki has the power to reset time for a maximum of three days into the past; Kei Asai has a photographic memory that allows him to remember everything he sees and hears, even after Misora resets time. Together, they use their powers to help others … except that two years ago, their actions caused the death of former classmate Sumire Sora, a girl who shouldn’t have died. As members of the school's Service Club, Kei and Misora spend most of their time fulfilling clients' requests, all the while working together to undo the pains of the past.
Alias: Sakurada Reset
Genres/Tags: Drama, Mystery, Sci Fi, Based On A Light Novel, Psychic Powers, School Club, School Life, Superpowers
Status: Ongoing
Episodes: ?
Year: 2017-?
Amagi Brilliant Park
Amagi Brilliant Park
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