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The Severing Crime Edge Poster
The Severing Crime Edge
Kiri has been obsessed with cutting others' hair since he was a child, to the extent that he always carries a pair of shears with him wherever he goes. So when the boy accidentally meets Iwai, a young girl with floor-length hair, he's crushed to learn that due to a curse, her locks cannot be shorn by ordinary means. And what's more, she's an unwilling participant in a deadly game where psychotic wielders of powerful "Killing Goods" do their best to take her life in exchange for a prize beyond imagination. Wielding the shears he learns are his own Killing Good, Kiri must now keep Iwai safe from those who wish to murder her and help her survive this sinister game.
Alias: Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Genres/Tags: Fantasy, Based On A Manga, High Stakes Games, Romance
Status: Completed
Episodes: 13
Year: 2013
Ongoing anime: