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Tower of Druaga - The Sword of Uruk Poster
Tower of Druaga - The Sword of Uruk
Six months have passed since Jil and the rest of the gang defeated the monsters on the top of the Tower of Druaga, parting soon after to go their separate ways. The tower has since been renamed to Gilgamesh by the land's king, who has recently exhibited strange behavioral changes. Jil and Fatina now live in the small village of Meskia and try to cope with Neeba and Kaaya's betrayal until one day, they save a girl named Kai from the hands of the evil Lord Uragon. Using her power to show others the future, Kai shows Jil a vision of what’s to come and orders him to take her to the top of the tower to prevent it from happening. Together, Jil and his friends accompany Kai on this adventure, but others, including Lord Uragon, will stop at nothing to thwart their efforts...
Alias: Druaga no Tou: Sword of Uruk
Genres/Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Based On A Video Game, Magic, Medieval, Parody, Rpg
Status: Completed
Episodes: 12
Year: 2009
Mashiroiro Symphony - The Color of Lovers
Mashiroiro Symphony - The Color of Lovers
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