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Valkyrie Drive - Mermaid Dubbed Poster
Valkyrie Drive - Mermaid Dubbed
In a world where five artificial islands exists, Mamoru is a "mermaid" transferred to one of those islands. When Mamoru is attacked, a newly transferred girl named Mirei saves her. The enemy doesn't stop, however, and the two are soon cornered. Just when they think all hope is lost, Mirei kisses Mamori, and Mamoru turns into a sword. Mirei then wields the sword and launches a counterattack against their enemies.
Alias: Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Dubbed
Genres/Tags: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Explicit Sex, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Yuri, Nudity
Status: Completed
Episodes: 12
Year: 2015
Haikyuu Second Season
Haikyuu Second Season
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