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Yozakura Quartet Poster
Yozakura Quartet
In the town of Sakurashin, demons and humans live together in harmony; and to help transition its new members, the Youkai Life Consultation Office provides support and guidance. Its members contain mind reading, cat-eared Ao, strong and beautiful Hime, conjurer Kotoha, and Akina - a human with the ability to vanquish the souls of harmful demons. Together, the quartet will help the town stay safe and try to keep the peace between humans, demons, and those who would harm them.
Alias: Yozakura Shijuusou, Quartet of Cherry Blossoms in the Night
Genres/Tags: Action, Based On A Manga, Supernatural, Superpowers
Status: Completed
Episodes: 12
Year: 2008
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
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